About Us

  • An Introduction to the Company

    B.J. Turner and Co. commenced operation back in 1951 when it set up a manufacturing facility in Carlton Victoria. The initial product range consisted of Wooden Hand Trucks and Trolleys which were sold to a small group of specialized clients.

    Continuous product development and an on-going range expansion policy resulted in the company out growing its Carlton premises and subsequently forced relocation to its present site at 9 Fink Street Preston.

    Today, the company enjoys a broad based product range which includes off the floor, standard product lines or purpose built equipment designed by our Technical Support Staff in conjunction with clients to fulfill their specific materials handling needs.

    B.J. Turner's philosophy of producing products of the finest quality possible while maintaining a high percentage of Australian content backed by the most professional and efficient after sales available, has resulted in a growing customer base which extends across a broad spectrum of user types. (i.e. Food and Beverage, Government Departments, Airlines, Chemical Refineries and packaging, etc).  Being purchased by Wiretainers Pty Ltd in 2012 has only enhanced our offering as an Australian owned and operated business, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the materials handling industry.  You can see more about Wiretainers Pty Ltd on our website www.wiretainers.com.au 

    B.J. Turner is proud of its heritage and will continue to follow the dual policies of providing quality innovative products backed by the best after sales service available.

"It's safer with Turners"