Baggage Barrows

BJ Baggage Barrows (also known as Airport Luggage Trailers) are the industry standard in Baggage Barrows.

Our standard Baggage Barrow or Airport Luggage Trailer dimensions are 3900 x 1500 x 600mm high and are fitted with a rear gate end.  The Baggage Barrow has a SWL of 2000kg and a tow bar with pin type tow hitch parking brake.  We can supply your Baggage Barrow with or without cover tarpaulin.  The tarp can be made in your company colour, so your Baggage Barrows are easily identified.

Our Baggage Barrow or Airport Luggage Trailer has a hot dip galvanized frame with a gal sheet top deck.  We also make custom Baggage Barrows.  Call Wiretainers & BJ Turner for a quote.

We also supply Baggage Barrow parts, such as tow arms, buffers, rigging screw, turntable, slew ring, tarpaulins, tarp boxes, rear gate ends, rear coupling, front or rear axle, or new wheels for your Baggage Barrow or industrial trailer.

Standard BJ Turner Baggage Barrow with tarp stowed in tarp box.

Standard BJ Turner Airport Baggage Barrow with tarp cover

Custom tarp box - white galvabond  with red tarp