Mobile Platform Step Ladders, and customization

At Wiretainers and BJ Turner we are the proud Aussie manufacturer of stock picking mobile platforms.  They are solid and reliable, and unlike a ladder, the steps are gently angled to make going up and coming down comfortable and safe.  They come in a range of sizes from 2 step to 12 step and we can add side or rear walkthrough options.  Other options are a safety bar across the top step for whilst you’re on the platform and outrigger arms which are standard on the 9 step and above, and optional on the smaller ladders.

As we are the manufacturer, we can also accommodate special requests.  We have made our mobile platforms in a wheelbarrow style with large wheels - as pictured.  We have made them with a larger platform (standard platform is 635mm deep).  We have cantilevered the platform.  And made them from stainless steel and aluminium finishes.  We have also made them not mobile!  These were without wheels and were supplied with fittings to fix the platform step ladder in place.  Some have been supplied in the customers company colour, or with the handrails powder coated in safety yellow.  If you can imagine it, we can probably help you out!

Working out the size of your mobile platform is as simple as working out the working height and taking approximately 1500mm away from it to get the platform height.  So if you want to be working at 4000mm (4m), then you want your platform at 2500mm, so you’d be looking at the 11 step mobile platform which comes with stability arms.  These give the platform added stability, and can be used on one side only if the ladder needs to be against racking or a wall.

We ship assembled or flatpacked.  They are very easy to assemble and come with full instructions.  It’s much cheaper to ship flatpacked, and we ship all over Australia.

Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.  03 9480 1200

Drum Handling


With every work place now having a higher awareness of staff safety and the ever increasing OH & S regulations, Wiretainers offer a variety of Drum Handling Equipment to ensure that you and your employees are able to carry out their day to day tasks in a safe manner.

Lifting, moving and decanting of drums can be a difficult and laborious manual handling task. You can avoid the risk of back injury by utilising the appropriate Drum Handling device. Wiretainers have Drum Handling equipment that can help you lift and move, lift and rotate or store and decant both steel or plastic drums

Wiretainers has an extensive line of products to ensure the easy and safe handling of drums. Our drum handling equipment is manufactured from quality materials and build to last in all types of environments, including workshop, industrial or rural environments.

Wiretainers can provide Drum handling solutions that attach to your current forklift, or stand alone solutions.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements. 03 9480 1200

Bishamon EZ Loader

Wiretainers and BJ Turner are the Australian distributor for the Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner.

Manufactured in the US, the Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner allows you to load your pallet whilst keeping the working surface at a consistent height.  It has an easily adjustable air valve which means you can be loading or unloading anything from  bricks to tissues and the pallet will remain at the same height.  The control valves and pressure gauge are conveniently located at the end of the unit which provides protection and easy accessibility.

The top of the Bishamon EZ Loader Pallet Positioner rotates freely to allow equal distribution of your products on and off  the pallet, so your employee does not have to reach or strain, keeping the top of the load at a convenient, ergonomic height.

Pictured here with the optional wheel kit, it also comes with optional safety skirt which contributes to a safe working environment encasing the unit in a protective envelope.  Also optional  is a manual control in the EZ UP unit.  The difference being the EZ Loader is self leveling at the height you set it where the EZ UP you can raise and lower with a manual adjuster.

The EZ Loader is generally in stock.  Give us a call to discuss. 03 9480 1200

Baggage Barrows:

Our standard B.J-Baggage Barrow is used in airports across Australia and Internationally.  The standard Baggage Barrow comes with  tarpaulin box, tarpaulin & rear gate end.  Our Baggage Barrow is fitted with tow bar and pin type tow hitch. When not in use, the tow arm rests on the wheels as a brake.  We can powder coat the tarp box in your company colour.


The standard Baggage Barrow's deck size is 3900mm x 1500mm x 650mm high, whilst its overall length is 5130mm (Including Tow Arm & Rear Hitch).  It has a maximum towing speed of 20Km/Hr and can be towed in a train.  A train of 4 requires a minimum turning radius of 8m (dependant on towing vehicles actual turning circle).  Our standard Baggage Barrow is rated to carry 2000 kg SWL @ 20km/hr.  The frame is hot dip galvanized with the galvanized sheet top deck fitted after the frame comes back from the galvanizer.


We also manufacture Baggage Barrows and Industrial Trailers to your specifications.  We have made trailers that are lower to the ground, that are totally enclosed and with umbrella frames in them.  They are used across a huge range of industries including freight forwarding, farming, airports, heliports, government and storage.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

How do I choose the right size Mobile Platform?

The platform heights are listed on our Platform ladder page:  The Platform height is the height at which you want your feet whilst using the Mobile Platform.


But I know the height I want to be working, not the height I want my feet!

If you know the working height you want, the rule of thumb is the platform should be 1500mm below the working height.  So if the stock you're picking is at 3000mm (or 3m), you want a platform around 1500mm, so the 6 or 7 step unit would be the one for you.  If you're unsure, feel free to give us a call and our friendly staff can help with your selection. 03 9480 1200


I want to be able to walk onto a mezzanine from my Mobile Platform Ladder.

We offer rear and side walk through option, so you can walk onto a mezzanine or higher level.  We also have an optional safety bar which can be used to prevent falls when on the Platform.


Mobile Platform Ladders

Wiretainers & BJ Turner manufacture a sturdy, safe and easy to use range of mobile platform ladders right here in Preston, Vic.

Ranging in size from a 2 step through to a 12 step mobile platform ladder, with the platform height ranging from 470mm to 2800mm, our easily manoeuvred mobile platform ladders are perfect in many situations.