Mobile Platform Ladders

Wiretainers & BJ Turner manufacture a sturdy, safe and easy to use range of mobile platform ladders right here in Preston, Vic.  Our ladders are made to the Australian Standard AS/NZS1892.1:1996.

Ranging in size from a 2 step through to a 12 step mobile platform ladder, with the platform height ranging from 470mm to 2800mm, our easily manoeuvred mobile platform ladders are perfect in many situations.

Our tread depth is 160mm making the incline feel more like stairs than a step ladder.  They are used in many different industries being great for tasks such as stock picking, washing trucks, mezzanine floor access, even changing light bulbs.  With optional accessories such as rear or side walk through, a safety bar (across the top of the stairs) and a storage tray, the mobile platform ladder has many applications.

The easy lock system means that when the bottom step is lowered, our mobile platform ladders are locked into place making them stable and secure on even ground.  Our 9 to 12 step mobile platform ladders have side stability arms as standard.

We send our Aussie made mobile platform ladders all over Australia in flat pack form with easy to follow assembly instructions, including pictures and they take about 45 minutes to assemble. 

Being manufacturers we can also customise your mobile platform ladder - we have made the platform longer, we make them in different widths and with wider treads.  Give us a call 03 9480 1200 and discuss your requirements.