Safety Work Platforms in Melbourne

Most manufacturers design forklift trucks to lift heavy boards, bricks and even canned goods—but not people. On the other hand, some of your everyday jobs require that your employees work high above ground level. 

So how can you make the two fit together?

With a forklift safety cage.

These cages attach to the forks of your vehicle, and they create a safe working platform for your employees and their tools. As a plus, you don't need to hire a larger scissor lift for smaller, more manageable tasks.

At Wiretainers and BJ Turner, we provide safety cages and work platforms to Melbourne businesses. When you choose our equipment, you can rest assured that your machinery lives up to the Australian Standard AS2359.1.

Primary Features

Our work platforms in Melbourne come with a variety of helpful features to protect your staff. Some of these features include:

  • Auto tyne lock on pick up
  • An inward-opening, self-closing door
  • Mesh infill all around
  • Safety chains
  • Front and side guardrails
  • Chequer-plate flooring
  • Safety harness clipping point

As required by law, we also fit your forklift cage with a warning note that contains essential safety information.

Keep in mind that safety cages need to adhere to your forklift's make and model lifting capacity. You may need to check your vehicle's manual to confirm its strength before you order a platform. Our safety cages come with a 250 kg load capacity, which works well with most units. 

Need More Information?

As a family-owned and -operated business, we understand that you want to save money on equipment without sacrificing safety. When you have access to our reliable work platforms in Melbourne, your crew can easily complete tasks where scaffolding, ladders and similar devices become impractical.

To learn more about how our cages protect your employees, or to purchase one for your business, call our sales team at (03) 9480 1200. You can also fill out our contact form if you have additional questions.


Man working on one of out work platforms in Melbourne