The Forklift Jib Crane Attachment converts a forklift truck into a mobile crane for handling unstable awkward loads. Available in many configurations such as, fork mounted (fixed and telescopic), carriage mounted (fixed and telescopic), hydraulic and rigging booms. All Forklift Jib Crane Attachment models are manufactured from structural steel section and are furnished with swivel safety hooks.

Drum handling equipment will help with the moving and decanting of drums, which will increase productivity and preventing physical exertion and injury of the operator.

Whether moving boxes, appliances or any other heavy object hand trucks can be indispensible as they help reduce strain on your body and decrease the time it takes to move heavy objects.

High quality Industrial wheels and castors tailored to meet specific needs of the customer.

Pallet Trucks that provide exceptional maneuverability which helps increase productivity and decrease physical exertion of the operator. Our range of Pallet Trucks is built for loads up to 2500kg. Two standard widths of pallet truck are available.

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