Electric Hydraulic scissor lift platforms custom made to suit the customers requirements. Our scissor lift platforms are designed to create a safer workplace and increase productivity by removing heavy lifting, and by raising the working surface up to a more user friendly height.

Mobile lift equipment designed to create a safer workplace and increase productivity. We provide both electric and manual Mobile Lifters with a range of load capacities available.

Our scissor lift trolleys provide a safe and efficient method of lifting and transporting loads in the workplace. Built with safety in mind, our scissor lift trolleys feature well balanced sturdy construction and foot operated brakes.

We manufacture Stillages and Stackable Containers for storage, warehousing, protection and transporation of your goods.

Wiretainers and BJ Turner make custom stillages and stackable containers to your specifications, along with our standard stillages, all made in our factory in Preston, Melbourne, Australia.  We can make sheet metal or mesh stillages, they can be a lockable or fully open stackable container, standard or custom built stillage. 

We have made motor bike transport stillages, plastic pipe storage stillages, stillages on wheels for use in production lines, collapsible stillages, rigid stillages, stackable stillages, food industry stillages, cup foot stillages, skid base stillages, whatever you're moving or storing, we've got a solution.

The Forklift Jib Crane Attachment converts a forklift truck into a mobile crane for handling unstable awkward loads. Available in many configurations such as, fork mounted (fixed and telescopic), carriage mounted (fixed and telescopic), hydraulic and rigging booms. All Forklift Jib Crane Attachment models are manufactured from structural steel section and are furnished with swivel safety hooks.

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