We manufacture Stillages and Stackable Containers for storage, warehousing, protection and transporation of your goods.

Wiretainers and BJ Turner make custom stillages and stackable containers to your specifications, along with our standard stillages, all made in our factory in Preston, Melbourne, Australia.  We can make sheet metal or mesh stillages, they can be a lockable or fully open stackable container, standard or custom built stillage. 

We have made motor bike transport stillages, plastic pipe storage stillages, stillages on wheels for use in production lines, collapsible stillages, rigid stillages, stackable stillages, food industry stillages, cup foot stillages, skid base stillages, whatever you're moving or storing, we've got a solution.

This versatile stillage has an open base and sides, and can be left silver or painted in your choice of colour.  Pictured here painted blue, this stillage is great for storing a range of materials.
Stackable stillage. This is a solid sided custom stillage. The stillage seen here with sheet metal sides and base, this stackable container can be custom made to your specification.  We can manufacture the stillages as is or to your size and height requirements.  Made in Preston.
Stackable cup foot stillage. This is a heavy duty stackable stillage with a full opening barn style front door. This stillage as shown has mesh all around and can be made as a lockable stillage.  The stillage can also be made in sheet metal or the finish you require.
Stackable cup foot custom made stillage. Pictured here is a purpose built stillage with mesh all around. Half height front for easy loading and unloading of product into the stillage.  This stillage can also be made in sheet metal and painted in your company colours.
Stackable cup foot stillage. 2 sided stillage with plywood base. This stillage can me manufactured with a plywood base as pictured, or a sheet metal or mesh base or an open base.  The stillage, manufactured here in Preston, Melbourne, Australia can also be made with a front and back and lid. 
Stackable cup foot stillage. Shown here is a half fixed, half drop front stillage with mesh all around, and a sheet metal base.  This stillage also has tyne guides for safer fork lift use with uneven loads.
Skid base stillage. This skid base stillage has mesh all round and a full lift off half drop front.  We also manufacture sheet metal lockable skid base stillages and mesh locakable skid base stillages.  Let us know what you're after, you're dealing with the manufacturer here in Preston, Melbourne, Australia so we can make your ideal storage or transport stillage
Lockable Skid Base Stillage. With mesh sides all round, a fully opening front door and a half fixed half opening lid, this stillage is great for keeping product secure, whilst still being able to see what you've got in stock.  This stillage is shown with a full opening barn door, we also manufacture with double doors, or with a half fixed, half drop front.  The stillage shown can also be painted in your company colours.

Stackable pipe stillage. Manufactured in Preston, Melbourne and shipped Australia wide, this stillage has collapsible legs and is perfect for pipe storage. This pipe stillage can be made in lengths to suit your pipe length.

Collapsible Stillage. This collapsible stillage folds down into its own footprint.  We do various sizes of collapsible stillage and can manufacture to your specification.  Great for return loading of the stillage from your customer after delivering your product, the stillage folds down to a fraction of its height to enable several stillages to be returned in the same footprint.
BJ Turner Pressed Steel Pallet painted yellow.
BJ Turner HDG Palpac pallet.

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